We specialize in establishing comprehensive strategies for the hiring and recruitment of new employees and talent for small to mid-size companies.

The quality of your workforce is an integral aspect of your company’s success, and the more effective your policies are, the greater your employee retention will be. This reduces costs, limits time wasted, and thus increases profits.

Every business has its unique set of circumstances and requirements, so we meet with you to discern exactly what your needs are. Whether that be in creating job descriptions, training in conducting interviews, or on-boarding and orientation processes for new hires, we can guide you.

Our team will also ensure that you comply to any and all Federal and State laws so you won’t be faced with any surprise penalties or fines.

Additionally, our team offers the following services:

  • Develop Job Descriptions and Job Postings
  • Evaluate Applications and Resumes to determine best applicant
  • Conduct Interviews by Phone and/or in Person
  • Assist with Hiring Decision
  • Offer Letters
  • Regret Letters

An HR specialist is a valuable resource to the health and success of any company, no matter what its size. Arrange an initial consultation with us so we can assist you in improving or establishing your hiring and recruitment policies.

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