HR Tips

These are simple quick tips to help get you on track! Our team has many more! 

  • Reduce your employment liability by keeping consistent documentation of employee relations matters, which allows an employer to prove that proper action was taken and that the employee was informed of the need to improve their behavior in order to avoid additional disciplinary action including separation of employment.
  • Not having a written policy and employee handbook can be costly; include workplace policies that are fair and easy to understand, it helps protect your business in the event of a dispute.
  • When an employer dismisses an employee, all wages due to them must be paid at time of discharge. If the employee quits without notice, the employer must pay final wages within 72 hours. If the employee gives notice of at least 72 hours, the employer must pay final wages on their last day worked.
  • Whether your employees leave voluntarily or involuntarily, conducting exit interviews with all can produce insights into undetected problems within your company’s policy and procedures.
  • Keeping your employee files organized and easily accessible is a must, especially when you’re required to keep 3 separate employee files: 1) personnel file, 2) medical file, and 3) I-9 file
  • Giving your employees genuine feedback creates a positive environment, helping them focus on their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses.