Improve your HR

Know the Rules

There are a number of various government mandated regulations that your company must comply with, if it wants to continue doing business and avoid costly disputes and legal action. There are both state and federal requirements to be familiar with, many of which have been introduced within the last few decades.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your employees have a workplace environment that is free of discrimination, harassment and hazards. To make any miscues here would be costly, so if you don’t have the services of an HR specialist on hand, you must stay abreast of the rules.

Consider Your Culture

If you take the steps to create a work place that understands the personal needs of your workers, you will not only have happier workers, but you will also attract top talent.

Having policies in place that allow for scheduling flexibility for employees with families, and customizable benefit packages will go a long way to make you more desirable and stand-out in your industry. These are only two examples of many such policies that you can implement.

“Apply Within” is No Longer Good Enough

Prospective applicants of today want, and need, more information if they are going to apply for positions you are hiring. That is if you want quality talent, which I assume you do. It is advisable that you provide a detailed description of the position, along with the compensation range, and benefits, and be clear about the qualifications and skills you are looking for.

After hiring, the next step is to have a quality on-boarding process in place that quickly and efficiently brings your new hires up to speed, and has them feeling like they have become a part of the family. Don’t leave them guessing or confused.

This can be achieved with any number of methods, which can be developed and customized specifically for your needs. Proper training procedures, resources for the employee to access, involvement in a social event, proper introductions, or even providing a mentor, to name a few.


Taking the time to communicate the objectives and goals of your company, and the details regarding its performance allows your employees to feel like they are a part of the overall process. Furthermore, when people properly understand the expectations you have of them, and are given clear information and instructions, they are able to work more efficiently and confidently.

The communication should go both ways. Take the time to create a venue where your employees feel safe to volunteer ideas and feedback. They likely deal with your customers in a different way than you, and so can provide valuable insights that you might want to be aware of. You never know where that brilliant initiative is going to come from, so harness the potential!

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